Unlocking the Potential of Almond Hulls

Almonds are a beloved nut that serves as a popular snack and ingredient in various culinary creations. Every day, we see new studies extolling the health benefits of almonds and not surprisingly a recipes covering everything from breakfast through dessert. What most people outside of the industry don’t know is …

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Strategies for Activating Pollination in a Cold Spring

As an almond farmer, you know that successful pollination is essential for a bountiful crop. Unfortunately, this has been a colder than usual spring, and that has caused our most successful pollinators – the honey bees – to go on strike. (Like we don’t have enough labor issues…) We also …

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The Opportunity to Recharge

Our almond growers in California know that water is a critical resource. With California experiencing frequent droughts and water scarcity, it’s essential to find ways to manage water resources effectively. One solution that’s gaining popularity is managed groundwater recharge. This is a particularly relevant topic in 2023 with a steady …

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