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What does FarmX do for you?


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comprehensive sensing

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Satellite Growth Imaging

Visualize changes in canopy and identify anomalies with 4 years of historical data.

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Local Weather

Local forecasting gives precise chill hours and portions with frost warning available.

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Evapotranspiration (Local ETc)

Calculate more accurate localized evapotranspiration (ETc) that is specific to your crop.

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Direct Plant Health

Our advanced methods accurately monitor plant health with SWP approximation.

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Hi-Res Soil Sensor

Optimize trade-offs of yield vs. water use.
Identify variances in nitrate percolation and save fertigation costs.

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Flow & Pressure Monitoring

See drip line pressure variations.
Improve GPH uniformity and identify precise location of line breaks.

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advanced AI software

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3D Soil Moisture Monitoring

Examine and solve inconsistencies in your irrigation with our real-time, animated 3d visualization of your entire field’s soil profile.

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Pump Control & Monitoring

Control your pumps and identify problems in your irrigation lines with our pressure grid map interface.

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Irrigation Scheduling

Our advanced algorithms will tell you precisely when to irrigate. Schedule manually and/or automatically.

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Frost Detection & Chill Hours

Our local weather stations and frost detection sensors provide the most accurate and relevant data from within your field.

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Real Time Alerts

Manage remote fields with our real time alerts and graphs. Available on both your phone and computer.

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Cloud Computing

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