FarmX Speaks at Parisoma Think+Act Event, Featured in Future of Food Blog

June 11, 2015

On 10 June 2015, FarmX CEO Sanjay Rajpoot spoke to the San Francisco FoodTech community at Parisoma’s Think+Act event. He discussed the role of AgTech startups, farming and the FarmMap in meeting the needs of the planets estimated 10 billion inhabitants by the year 2050.

FarmX was recently featured in Parisoma’s blog post The Future of Food, Part Two:

The farm might seem like the last destination for futuristic technology – even in Star Trek the vineyard is depicted as a space of tradition untouched by time – but, perhaps unsurprisingly, this area is rife with opportunity as climatological challenges are being met by innovative hardware and data solutions. One of our Think&Act presenters, FarmX makes soil probes that sense moisture levels and connect to the cloud, so that farmers can track water consumption in real time. Their technology allows for the tracking of moisture levels over time so that farms can not only respond to acute soil conditions but employ predictive analytics to optimize their watering and fertilization practices – a need becoming increasingly important as drought conditions worsen.



FarmX at Parisoma 2 10 June 2015

FarmX at Parisoma 10 June 2015