FarmX Selected as Finalist in Verge Accelerate Pitch Competition

October 14, 2015

Quote from Press Release:

GreenBiz Group has selected 12 startups that will compete in VERGE Accelerate, a program hosted by VERGE 2015 that assembles a lineup of innovative early-stage companies operating at the intersection of technology and sustainability.

Historically serving as a launchpad for entrepreneurs who have engineered a unique solution to a sustainability challenge, VERGE Accelerate offers an opportunity to pitch to potential investors and corporate partners, securing both customers and capital. This year’s contestants will join an elite group of more than two dozen companies that have premiered products, services, or technologies at VERGE and subsequently found market traction and acclaim.

One 2013 VERGE Accelerate participant, Owlized, has continued to attract the industry spotlight with its infrastructure visualization platform. “VERGE Accelerate opened doors to strategic partnerships and advisors that in turn helped us close our first few significant deals. For any early-stage startup, it offers crucial, unfiltered advice from an A-list of knowledgable people,” said Aaron Selverston, founder and CEO of Owlized.

The finalists were selected from a diverse pool of applicants representing innovations and disruptions in area such as urban mobility, food production, or energy management.

The 12 finalist companies are: Swiftmile, FreeWire Technologies, Kakaxi, TransitScreen, EiP Technologies, Inc., Ibis Networks, Rogue Rovers, Voyage Control, FarmX,, and 10Power.

The finalists’ presentations will be reviewed by industry experts, including Andrew Bebee of Obvious Ventures, Rhonda Clark of UPS, Danny Kennedy of CalCEF and Nancy Pfund of DBL Investors. While audience members, both in the room and online, will cast the deciding votes, the industry experts will offer insight into which business models hold the greatest promise for disruption.

“VERGE Accelerate finalists embody the innovation, resourcefulness, and vision of the potential of smart technology to address some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges,” said Shana Rappaport, director of engagement at GreenBiz, who directs VERGE Accelerate. “We are excited to share this group of future-oriented thinkers and market-disrupters with the VERGE audience.”


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