FarmX offers precision data and automation services at your fingertips, throughout the year

FarmX is a comprehensive, automated farm management solution that offers a variety of services tailored to your needs. From imaging to automation, they are all available on one application, all in the palm of your hands.

Farm Services


FarmX’s View Service is easy to implement as a low-cost option that requires no in-field equipment or sensors. It provides weekly and historical multispectral satellite imagery and weather data of your fields. We use AI/ML models to analyze this data for you to help you better understand and manage crop stress, plant vigor, under/over-irrigation and areas with potential pest and disease pressure.

Using a unique split-screen slider, the View Service allows you to compare different types of image overlays to see changes over time and spectrums, and get alerts as anomalies appear, shrink or expand. Early detection of these anomalies allows you to act more quickly to prevent yield loss.


FarmX’s Insight service provides high-resolution, plant-level imagery taken by our autonomous drones. The service gives you an accurate count, list and location of every missing, unproductive or dead tree or vine anywhere on your farm so you can easily take action. Unproductive trees or vines may be experiencing pest or disease pressure or the irrigation system is not functioning properly. The list is curated by an agronomist so it is easy to read and allows you to target specific plants for remediation.

Save the labor of walking or driving every row, see details the human eye simply cannot detect, streamline your replanting and remediation efforts and get back to 100% production.

Autonomous Scouting

FarmX does not build drones, robots or tractors. Instead, we created a revolutionary navigation system that intuitively operates in your field without the need for GPS. Using our patented Perceptive Navigation®, FarmX can pilot any of these vehicles autonomously to scout your fields.  Today, FarmX offers a drone-based scouting service that provides growers with custom ultra-high-resolution imaging. You get leaf-level resolution in suspicious areas of your field. We fly our drones directly through or right above the canopy with millimeter resolution, identifying and recommending action for leaks, gophers, pests and diseases. Imagery is analyzed to spot the sap from vines, detect mealybugs, identify mummies and more.

Get a customized view of your vineyard or orchard to see the problems you care the most about more quickly, thoroughly and accurately than ever before.


Get real-time in-field soil moisture conditions, plant health, weather, irrigation pressure and flow data to make informed decisions on the timing and duration of irrigation and fertigation applications. Our in-field sensors don’t just provide data; when coupled with our AI/ML models we give you actual irrigation recommendations based on soil moisture, soil percolation and ET forecasts. An optimized schedule plant water needs is automatically created for every block using our sensing technology.

Demand more than just data and get optimized AI-based recommendations today with our Monitor service. Make informed decisions on when and how much to irrigate. Start farming more sustainably and profitably by optimizing water and inputs and increase your yields and quality.

Soil Probe Features

Our patented OSMO soil moisture probe measures 200x more soil volume than any probe today with a 4-foot affective measured diameter.  Other soil moisture probes achieve 1-2 inches in measured diameter.  This means greater accuracy and more reliability by greatly reducing the negative effects of water channeling and being too far or too close to irrigation emission devices.  OSMO is the most advanced soil moisture probe on the market.

Available in 24″ and 48″ lengths with sensors spaced every 6″ and accurately measures water in all soil types.


  • Get easy to follow recommendations on your phone
  • Monitor field conditions and your crops in real-time
  • Optimized irrigation schedules automatically generated
  • Most advanced soil moisture probe – OSMO
  • Offered as a service, so no hardware to purchase, install or maintain


Respond to your irrigation needs using our hardware and software to remotely control valves and pumps (VFDs, soft starts). Manage includes all the features and functions of our Monitor Service with the addition of fully automated control. Set your own automated irrigation schedules or simply press irrigate now to initiate our AI-generated optimized recommended schedule. Ensure water and nutrients remain in the root zone. Manually start and stop irrigation remotely from FarmApp on your cell phone. Get notifications and alerts whenever equipment operates or problems arise. Pressure sensors in each block not only monitor starts/stops of irrigation, but also provide uniformity indication when pressures are not what they should be.

FarmX’ Managed Services gives you remote scheduling and control of your irrigation and fertigation pumps and valves. Choose from recommended schedules, or control any valve or pump remotely from anywhere in the world.


  • Automate well, fertigation, and booster pumps
  • Automate multiple pumps with and without VFDs
  • Schedule by duration, volume, or start time
  • Set recurring schedules


  • Proven water savings with optimized scheduling
  • Eliminates over/under irrigation caused by human errors of not
  • starting/stopping on time
  • Be notified when irrigation starts and stops
  • Get alerts when pumps run/stop or have issues
  • See pressure increase and decrease when irrigation runs

Micro-Block Control

Micro-block Control service enables you to provide exactly the right amount water and fertilizer to each plant in your field. This service is suited to fields with highly diverse soil types, hilly regions or high value crops. It is a cost-effective and comprehensive solution for variable rate precision irrigation that enables irrigation at a sub-block, even row-by-row basis.  Micro-block Control includes all of the features and benefits of Monitor and Manage services.  It is a very comprehensive solution for specialty crop growers desiring to precisely manage variations in the field such as soil types and fertility, as well as growing multiple crop varieties within a larger block.


  • Includes all elements of Monitor and Manage services
  • High density of micro-valve controllers for precision irrigation
  • Easy to retrofit existing irrigation systems


  • Differential irrigation based on plant water needs and soil conditions on a sub-block level
  • Gives growers a tool to improve crop health and yield in specific areas of a field where soil type changes are not conducive to one-size fits all irrigation scheduling
  • Manage irrigation on slopes and hillsides

Autonomous Spraying

FarmX offers drone-based and soon rover-based full field and targeted spraying for specialty crops: tree nuts, citrus, wine and table grapes and vegetables and berries in California. We can spray pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, nutrients and beneficial chemicals. The main benefit of drone-based spraying is the ability to quickly and efficiently do targeted spraying of specific areas requiring treatment, thus reducing chemical use. The application saves time, money and reduces the environmental impact. Speeds, spray rates and proximity to the plant are very precise to ensure coverage of the targeted area with the right amount of chemical. Full field spraying is particularly effective for smaller blocks where fixed wing or helicopter applications are not cost-effect or practical. Autonomous drone spraying is also well suited for when fields are too wet for ground spraying applications and time is of the essence. There has never been a better time to try FarmX’s autonomous spraying service.

A Leap Beyond GPS: Perceptive Navigation™ for Precision

Traditional farming vehicles often rely on GPS systems for navigation and automation. While GPS has been a game-changer, it comes with limitations. Signal disruptions, accuracy issues, and the need for costly infrastructure can hinder the effectiveness of GPS-based systems. FarmX recognized these challenges and set out to redefine vehicle autonomy in farming.

Our Perceptive Navigation™ technology is a game-changer. Instead of relying solely on GPS, it leverages advanced AI and onboard sensors to perceive and interact with the environment, much like a skilled human operator. This groundbreaking approach eliminates the need for a continuous GPS signal and empowers farming vehicles to operate autonomously with precision and adaptability.


FarmX will provide a fully integrated retrofit license to convert tractors into fully autonomous robotic vehicles capable of performing numerous labor-saving tasks utilizing FarmX perceptive navigation. Tasks such as mowing and spraying can be completed with centimeter guidance accuracy and no dependencies on GPS or internet connectivity. Obstacle avoidance occurs dynamically allowing automatic rerouting to complete the assigned mission.


FarmX will provide fully integrated retrofit license to convert rovers into fully autonomous robotic ground vehicles utilizing Perceptive Navigation. Rovers are used as a harvest aid, for dedicated transport, and for scouting for field anomalies. In other industries, they are used for hauling, transport, and material handling. Ultra-high-resolution scouting for weeds, pests, disease and irrigation leaks greatly reduces labor and increases overall farm labor efficiency. 


FarmX will provide fully integrated retrofit licenses to convert drones into fully autonomous robotic aerial vehicles utilizing Perceptive Navigation. UAVs are used in agriculture to scout for plant health, spray nutrients, and seeding. Scouting becomes fully automated with capabilities of covering areas unseen or inaccessible by ground vehicles. Automated spot spraying and mummy localization capabilities will save growers significant chemical and labor costs. 


More Automated Services. Check back often as new services are just around the corner!