FarmX Selected as Finalist in Verizon Powerful Answers Award 2015

October 14, 2015

From Press Release:

Today, Verizon announced 36 finalists from a pool of over 1,400 candidates from around the world for the 2015 Powerful Answers Award program — a competition that challenges innovators, developers and entrepreneurs to provide innovative solutions that deliver social good.

Now in its third year, Verizon’s Powerful Answers Award offers a total of $6 million in cash prizes, plus the opportunity for winners to participate in an Accelerator program designed to help develop their ideas and bring solutions to market faster.

The program finalists — who come from diverse backgrounds and represent 10 different countries — are set to present their ideas before judges next week, competing for a prize of $1 million in three categories: Transportation, Emergency Response and the Internet of Things. The winners will be announced Dec. 9.


Powerful Answers

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FarmX Selected as Finalist in Verge Accelerate Pitch Competition

October 14, 2015

Quote from Press Release:

GreenBiz Group has selected 12 startups that will compete in VERGE Accelerate, a program hosted by VERGE 2015 that assembles a lineup of innovative early-stage companies operating at the intersection of technology and sustainability.

Historically serving as a launchpad for entrepreneurs who have engineered a unique solution to a sustainability challenge, VERGE Accelerate offers an opportunity to pitch to potential investors and corporate partners, securing both customers and capital. This year’s contestants will join an elite group of more than two dozen companies that have premiered products, services, or technologies at VERGE and subsequently found market traction and acclaim.

One 2013 VERGE Accelerate participant, Owlized, has continued to attract the industry spotlight with its infrastructure visualization platform. “VERGE Accelerate opened doors to strategic partnerships and advisors that in turn helped us close our first few significant deals. For any early-stage startup, it offers crucial, unfiltered advice from an A-list of knowledgable people,” said Aaron Selverston, founder and CEO of Owlized.

The finalists were selected from a diverse pool of applicants representing innovations and disruptions in area such as urban mobility, food production, or energy management.

The 12 finalist companies are: Swiftmile, FreeWire Technologies, Kakaxi, TransitScreen, EiP Technologies, Inc., Ibis Networks, Rogue Rovers, Voyage Control, FarmX,, and 10Power.

The finalists’ presentations will be reviewed by industry experts, including Andrew Bebee of Obvious Ventures, Rhonda Clark of UPS, Danny Kennedy of CalCEF and Nancy Pfund of DBL Investors. While audience members, both in the room and online, will cast the deciding votes, the industry experts will offer insight into which business models hold the greatest promise for disruption.

“VERGE Accelerate finalists embody the innovation, resourcefulness, and vision of the potential of smart technology to address some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges,” said Shana Rappaport, director of engagement at GreenBiz, who directs VERGE Accelerate. “We are excited to share this group of future-oriented thinkers and market-disrupters with the VERGE audience.”


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FarmX Wins $100K at 2015 Global Innovation Awards

October 3, 2015

FarmX recently travelled to China to participate in Finals of the Global Innovation Awards.

FarmX was honored to finish in the Top 10 of 21 teams competing in the finals, out of a total pool of 3000 startups that applied to the competition.

As Reported in the UC Berkeley SkyDeck News:

“SkyTeam FarmX was selected as one of the Top 21 (out of 3000) startups to participate in the final event of the Global Innovation Awards in Beijing on 25 August 2015. FarmX has worked to assist farmers maximize their productivity and reduce costs with a modern FarmMap that monitors soil, plant and environmental variables.

The Global Innovation Awards offered FarmX the opportunity to visit the Hangzhou Dream Town, an incubator space with 34 buildings, over 100 startups and Alibaba’s official Incubator. The team was also able to visit several leading Chinese Tech companies: Baidu, Alibaba, Foxconn,

The SkyTeam FarmX ultimately finished in the top 10 of the competition and won $100,000! We are proud of the SkyTeam’s efforts and successes thus far!”

FarmX Chief Operating Officer Steve Boogar Pitches to Chinese Investors at Global Innovation Awards in Beijing


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FarmX Joins UC Berkeley SkyDeck Accelerator

August 3, 2015

FarmX has been accepted into the UC Berkeley SkyDeck cohort for 2015. FarmX is proud to join the accelerator!


SkyDeck Mission:  SkyDeck accelerates technology, science, and disruptive business startups. Our startups have direct access to the massive resources of the UC Berkeley ecosystem. We seek talent and unfair advantage.

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FarmX Speaks at Parisoma Think+Act Event, Featured in Future of Food Blog

June 11, 2015

On 10 June 2015, FarmX CEO Sanjay Rajpoot spoke to the San Francisco FoodTech community at Parisoma’s Think+Act event. He discussed the role of AgTech startups, farming and the FarmMap in meeting the needs of the planets estimated 10 billion inhabitants by the year 2050.

FarmX was recently featured in Parisoma’s blog post The Future of Food, Part Two:

The farm might seem like the last destination for futuristic technology – even in Star Trek the vineyard is depicted as a space of tradition untouched by time – but, perhaps unsurprisingly, this area is rife with opportunity as climatological challenges are being met by innovative hardware and data solutions. One of our Think&Act presenters, FarmX makes soil probes that sense moisture levels and connect to the cloud, so that farmers can track water consumption in real time. Their technology allows for the tracking of moisture levels over time so that farms can not only respond to acute soil conditions but employ predictive analytics to optimize their watering and fertilization practices – a need becoming increasingly important as drought conditions worsen.



FarmX at Parisoma 2 10 June 2015

FarmX at Parisoma 10 June 2015

FarmX: Listed as Top IoT Startup of 2015!!

May 7, 2015

FarmX is proud to rank #3 on the list of the Top 8 IoT startups of 2015!

Quote from Article:

“3. FarmX – Helping farmers grow more sustainably

FarmX is committed to helping farmers get the most out of their farm using FarmMap, the first farm health monitoring system of it’s kind and is affordable enough for any grower. FarmMap continuously monitors the farm, providing real-time information on soil and crop health information to grow the most with every drop of water. FarmX was founded in 2014.

Sanjau Rajpoot, co-founder and CEO of FarmX, was one of the fireside chat speakers at the event. Prior to FarmX, he was the founder and CEO of Sustainable Microfarms.

FarmX CEO Sanjay Rajpoot at Future of IoT Event in San Francisco
FarmX CEO Sanjay Rajpoot at Future of IoT Event in San Francisco




FarmX in VentureBeat! How Tech can Solve CA Drought

April 24, 2015

FarmX CEO and cofounder Sanjay Rajpoot was cited in a recent VentureBeat article that discussed ‘How Technology can Solve California’s Drought.’


Rajpoot was quoted several times:

Sanjay Rajpoot, CEO and Co-founder of FarmX, believes the future lays in enabling agriculture to enjoy the manufacturing efficiencies other industries achieved decades ago.

“Agriculture is one of the vast greenfield opportunities where there has been a pervasive distrust of technology and lack of connectivity,” says Rajpoot. “The depletion of water, upon which the $50 billion California industry depends, creates an innovation imperative that will move the whole industry forward.”

Getting over the barriers

There are three core areas that discourage innovation and adoption of emerging tech in agriculture:

  • Low risk tolerance
  • Lack of confidence in the solution
  • Legality questions (primarily for drones)
  • It’s often difficult for startups to acquire early customers, build case studies, and get traction, particularly if they have little formal agricultural experience or relationships.

“Farmers cannot tolerate the downside risk that an investment may fail to deliver, so they will wait until the benefits of a solution are precisely known before committing capital,” points out Rajpoot.

Short Video on CA Ag Industry and the Drought

April 19, 2015

Short Video on California’s Agricultural Industry and the Drought

After a short commercial, this video illustrates what is at stake if California fails to resolve its water issues.


FarmX Featured in Fast Company Article on Ag Tech

March 20, 2015

The RoyseLaw AgTech Incubator, an initiative spun out of a law firm that works with clients in the industry, is one of them. Roger Royse, founder of Royse Law, has been watching the ag-tech space for a few years. “I could see the stuff coming out of the tech community wasn’t getting adopted,” he says. “What was missing was an incubator that would give these companies business skills and also help get them in front of the relevant markets.”

Royse has so far announced 11 of his 15 startups. They include FarmX, a company developing a real-time farm health-monitoring tool; Ayrstone, which is developingoutdoor wireless networks for farms; AgRite, a startup that has created an automated wireless fertilizer injection and irrigation system; and RapidBio Systems, which is working on a handheld pathogen detection system. He’s hopeful that the incubator’s mentors, who are closely involved in the agriculture industry, can help with introductions. “Farmers in [Central Valley farming community] Salinas—the last thing they want to see is another sensor salesman. They want to see someone who’s credible, who they know and trust that says this is state of the art,” he says.

The potential market for Royse’s startups is big. For farmers—especially those in California, which is where many Silicon Valley agriculture startups are focusing their energies—one of the most pressing issues is drought. The state is approaching its fourth summer with dangerously low water levels, and the economic impact on the agriculture industry will run into the billions. If a series of, say, high-tech sensors that can tell farmers precisely how much fertilizer to apply to a plant can save money at a time when they’re already struggling, the farmers will get onboard. Even in times when drought isn’t an issue, products that help farmers come up with time and money-saving plans for future planting are attention-grabbing.”