Optimize yield through precision irrigation.

Growers irrigate confidently with real-time crop stress and forecasted evapotranspiration available remotely.

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What does FarmX do for you?


Save Water and Fertilizer

The FarmMap system instructs you precisely when to irrigate, so you use the exact amount of water your crops need.


Reduce Labor Costs

The FarmMap system remotely monitors your field so you don’t have to go there. Get the best data delivered to you, without taking manual soil moisture and pressure bomb readings.


Increase Yield and Profit



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FarmMap gathers continuous, real time data in every irrigation block.


Local Et measurements

  • Never miss a local frost event again
  • Local weather stations in each irrigation block


Realtime Stem Water Potential and Plant measurements

  • Directly measure your orchards water stress
  • Daily Stem Water Potential per irrigation block
  • Mean Daily Shrinkage


Comprehensive Soil hydrology map

  • Adjust your irrigation based on nonuniformities in the soil
  • 8 cubic feet of sampling per sensor
  • 4 foot depth
  • New, patented technology



Take the pulse of your farm with a single glance.

The FarmMap dashboard highlights the problem areas on your farm. Our prediction engines will warn you of upcoming irrigation needs a week in advance.


Map the soil contours of your farm.

Our high granularity soil sensing array can help you to identify percolation differences across different soil types in your fields.


Operate your farm from your phone.

Receive important notifications on the go from our smartphone app, or via text message.